2015 is going to be interesting

Digital equates to change being inevitable. The world that we now live in is always switched on. We are so much more connected.

The marketing landscape has changed and it is becoming much more individualized and more localized.

In order to succeed it is imperative that we have a strong understanding of our target audience. Consumers today are applying more power and influence and these days, instead of assertive messages directed at people, the focus has shifted to engaging people in an ongoing conversation and forming a relationship. The customer needs to be taken on a journey as we tend to gravitate towards brands that help us find meaning.

Instead of thinking in terms of digital marketing, we should be thinking in terms of marketing in a digital world. The massive shift from marketing moving from globalization to personalization and the influence that has had and will continue to have on brands and on business in general intrigues me greatly. I think about this in relation to my role as a recruiter in the digital world and how to connect best with clients and candidates. I have always adopted a personalised approach and nowadays we are able to demand radical transparency and an accurate picture in order for brands to be successful. This necessitates nurturing, listening and care. The most valuable moments are when your customer/candidate is actually in touch with you – on the phone with you, using your product, reading your content.

So how then do you get engagement? Well if you are able to address your customer’s needs, it will result in engagement. So it is important to really think about your relationships. Do you actually care about them? Do they share your values? Do you look forward to seeing that person?

On the flip side of the coin, internal Communications is an area of focus. This year will view it as a marketing asset and an opportunity to create brand ambassadors, ensuring that employees and vendors live and understand the brand.

To sum up, it is exciting times ahead with the way we interact and communicate becoming a lot more authentic, honest and real. This will equate to a deeper understanding of one another and hopefully amazing outcomes.

Charlie Krowitz is our Melbourne Digital & Technology Consultant and she can be reached on +61 (3) 8610 6781 or ckrowitz@nakamamelbourne.com


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