Nakama Afterhours: Natasha Eyles – Business Support at Nakama London

Get to know what the team at Nakama Global do after 5pm!

Name: Natasha Eyles

Day Job: Business support at Nakama London

What do you get up to afterhours?

After hours I like to dabble in all sorts of new things! My persuits include archery, power-hooping and acting. I’m sure there will be more to add to the list soon (I can also be found at Stickman Cartel gigs after hours and now consider myself a full blown groupie – “Wooh Greg!!”)

How long have you been doing film/theatre – what was your first role?

I have been doing the odd bit of acting for just over a year now. My first short film was a little murder mystery called ‘The strange case of the theatre murder’ – being a huge fan of ‘Murder, She Wrote’ I was thrilled to be cast as Rosie in his little piece.

What got you into doing film and theatre? 

Sitting at home one cold December, bored and browsing the Internet I came across a website called City Academy. They do all manner of classes from script writing, dancing, singing lessons, burlesque and acting. So, I put myself out of my comfort zone and clicked on the 6-week acting course that was to be held every Saturday at the Saddlers Wells theatre in North London!

What productions have you appeared in? 

So far I have been in two short films with the Reading Film and Video Club (all amateurs). The first one as mentioned earlier and the second film is called ‘The 12.15 to nowhere’ (in production).

How do you get over the stage fright?

While doing my acting lessons we had to act out a couple of scenes, one of which meant I had to stand-up on my own, in front of the rest of the group and recite the lines I had to learn and it took me completely out of my comfort zone. To say I was nervous is the biggest understatement of 2015! But I did it! I had sweaty palms, a dry mouth And a heart rate equal to that of an Olympic 100m sprinter! It made me realise that theatre is not for me and I’m better suited to TV/Film.

Where can we see your films? 

Here is the link for my first film, all done as a hobby and we have a laugh so don’t expect a performance worthy of an Oscar

Are you working on anything at the moment?

I’m not currently working on anything at the moment, but I know there will be another phone call when they have a script ready for action! Who knows…one day an Oscar may well be sitting on my sideboard (if not I’m sure you can buy one on eBay).


NAKAMA After Hours: Greg Goorwitch


Get to know what our consultants are up to when they’re not busy recruiting!

Nakama London – Greg Goorwitch – Manager – Digital Marketing, Analytics & Performance 

Greg, what do you get up to when you aren’t busy recruiting for Digital Marketing?

I write music and play in a band called Stickman Cartel. I also make electronic music and I’m working on improving my music production/producer CV. 

When did you start playing the keyboard and what was your first live performance?

I started playing the piano at age four. Anyone that heard me play back then would describe me as “playing the piano like a 4 year old”. 

My first live performance was at school, at age five where I played my grade 1 “stuff”. It was quite Avant-garde. I wore a black polo neck and sunglasses. By six I was playing the blues piano channeling all of the frustrations of a six year old, you know, eat food you don’t want to eat and going to bed at a certain time, so unfair, but that’s the blues I suppose. By seven, I was going through my Velvet Underground inspired phase. It lasted six months and was a difficult time for my parents. I now play the Synth/keyboard, which is easier than the piano. I have recently been described as “playing the keyboard like a 4 year old”.

Who would you say your music is inspired by?

Stickman Cartel make music influenced by Deep House, Disco and a sprinkle of Trance but played by humans with instruments. We generally layer everything on stage to recreate a dance music production but still have the organic sound of an indie band.  Bloc Party, Foals and Friendly Fires have been major reference points.

 When did you form the band and how long have you all been playing together?

I have been in bands since 18. We formed Stickman Cartel in 2009 and are still together. We play at a rate of about one gig a month.

As a band what would you say is your biggest achievement yet?

We have played Glastonbury twice.  Last year we played the Rabbit Hole at Glastonbury – we had an 8pm slot and then we were asked to come back and do another set at 2am. Definitely two different crowds – the 2am crowd were better!

You’ve performed in a lot of venues around London, any funny/interesting stories you can share?

We once played to an empty room supporting a band with a bearded lady. The bearded lady had a costume change half way through the set. I felt that it amplified the emptiness of the room. I feel you need at least 1000 people to justify a costume change during a set.

We once did a gig at The Social in Little Titchfield Street – where the stage was so small I had to sit with my synth at a dinner booth that was just on the side of the stage.  I ordered some fries during the set. 

It sounds like the sky’s the limit! Where do you want the band to be five years from now – what’s next for the Stickmen?

Not overly ambitious – XMAS No 1, Break America and move up to the Pyramid Stage (ideally the Sunday Legend slot – like Dolly or Lionel). On a personal note I would also like to play the piano like a 5 year old.

Where can we listen to your music?

Internet etc………………. BUY IT NOW!

Our Facebook is probably the best place to find out more 

Google Play




If you’d like to get in touch with Greg at Nakama London about a Digital Marketing role email or phone P: 0203 588 4562


NAKAMA After Hours: Charlie


Get to know what our Consultants are up to when they’re not busy recruiting!

Our first spotlight is on our very own artiste and Melbourne Sr Digital Consultant, Charlie Krowitz!

What type of art do you identify with the most? I identify most with painting (especially oil) but I appreciate all art forms and creative expressions, which would also include music, dance and theatre. 

At what age did you start painting? And what was your inspiration to do so? My uncle is a well known artist and jeweller in South Africa, so from a very young age I was exposed to and inspired by his creativity. Art class was my favourite extra curricular activity – I love/d the way it felt applying the medium to canvas. 

Who is your favourite artist and why? It’s hard to narrow it down to just one. I am very fond of Paul Gauguin, William Kentridge, Andy Warhol and Tim Storrier.

Do you get inspiration from any particular artists or pieces? Absolutely! Each artist’s style and interpretation is unique and every art movement so different so its difficult to narrow it down to one artist or piece. I really enjoy looking at paintings that are hundreds of years old and wonder about what life would have been life back then. 

Recently you entered an Art competition?  Yes! I entered my recent painting into the Archibald Prize, first awarded in 1921, one of Australia’s most prestigious. Awarded to the best portrait painting, it’s a who’s who of Australian culture – from politicians to celebrities, sporting heroes to artists.

How did you find creative inspiration for this piece? The name of the piece is Perpetual Creative Impact. I have always admired Ken Cato’s massive contribution to the design world, especially here in Melbourne. He has built a highly successful design studio which has offices located in 11 different countries. His influence is everywhere. He has designed thousands of corporate identities including myki, Commonwealth Bank, Network Seven. For the past 20 years, Ken has organised the annual AdIdeas conference which inspires designers and talent. I have attended numerous times and has been so amazing by the talent that present who are from all corners of the world. 

What does this piece represent? It represent’s Ken endless ideas and never-ending impact on the design world.

How long did it take you to complete? Endless hours! I lost count but I worked on it for approximately 4 months.

Charlie is a Senior Consultant for Digital & Technology roles at Nakama Melbourne. If you’d like to get in touch with Charlie email or phone +61 (3) 8610 6784