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Nakama London to sponsor London’s first Vue.js Meet-up

Nakama London is very pleased to announce that we’ll be sponsoring the very first London Vue.js meet-up.

Vue.js is a library for building interactive web interfaces, powerful enough to build full-scale applications. The framework is still fairly new but the uptake by the development community has been very strong, from those with intermediate JS knowledge through to full-time JavaScript developers.

With the popularity of the library predicted to grow even more in 2016, we’re expecting it to be a required skill by employers. The evening will (re)introduce the framework, and explore topic which will show you why it’s getting a lot of attention from the developers across the board.

Talks on the night include:

Building a UI style guide with Vue.js components

– By Jack Barham @jackbarham. Product designer and developer.

Vue.js, Vuex and Redux-like State Management

– By James Browne @onejamesbrowne. Full-stack engineer.

There are limited numbers for the event and registration opens today via the meet-up link.

The event will be held at The Nakama London offices, Thursday the 3rd of March, 2016.

Nakama London Tech team are really excited about the future of Vue.js and will be actively seeking out opportunities within the market, meanwhile if you’re a looking for a contract or perm role across the following skillsets speak to David Riley at Nakama London or email: driley@nakamalondon.com.

  • ReactJS
  • AngularJS
  • BackboneJS
  • Ember
  • JQuery
  • Underscore
  • JS

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The Global Recruiter – No stone unturned

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Nakama Global CEO, Rob Sheffield talks to The Global Recruiter about the challenges and response to the skills shortage at play across Australia.

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The Global Recruiter – No stone unturned  

London MD – Paul Goodship speaks to Recruitment International for their Start-up suppliment

Recruitment International have been running a suppliment to their main publication which gives advice to other recruitment entrepreneurs, covering the transitional phases from start-up.

Nakama London MD, Paul Goodship recently provided the suppliment with some great advice on both the challenges of recruiting to a small business and growing your recruitment start-up. Make sure you check it out!

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Meet Holly Cook, our new Resourcer for Digital Marketing

Holly Cook

Name: Holly Cook

Title: Resourcer – Digital Marketing

What do you recruit for? I resource for the Digital Marketing Team – working on roles for CRM Managers, Web Analysts, PPC, SEO and Biddable Media and eCommerce.

What are you known for professionally? I’m a real people person and can talk to anyone! This has always driven me to take on positions that have given me the opportunity to meet new people. It makes no two days the same!

What do you love about recruitment? Talking to people, hearing about their careers especially in the constantly changing digital marketing industry – the candidates I speak to have worked in some really interesting roles, but also hearing about their lives outside of work – it makes your world a lot smaller. In my first week, I learnt one of my candidates lived in my area!

What intrigues you about the world of Digital Marketing? I’m fairly new to the world of Digital Marketing, but it’s so fascinating. Everything from the emerging digital channels that weren’t available five years ago to the data available and the people behind the scenes analyzing it. It’s constantly evolving and that’s exciting.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done while being in London? I once spoke at Wembley arena in front of 8,000 people at a youth conference! I was really nervous and at the last minute I was asked to join the dance procession – luckily I didn’t have to dance just hold a giant glowing ball. Also, the change rooms we had 1Direction had previously used – I was pretty excited about that.

What would be impossible for you to give up? The TV show – Don’t tell the bride and Grapefruit squash! (I’m addicted).

What is your social media channel of choice? Instagram – I love that you can explore the world in real-time through images and I like to post shots – mostly of food, family and my cat.

Any hidden talents you want to let us know about? Well it’s a talent I don’t have! I can’t wink… and I used to be a ballerina – the wooden block shoes were painful!

If you’re looking got a role in Digital Marketing speak to Holly if you’re free! P: 0203 588 4569 E: hcook@nakamalondon.com

London MD, Paul Goodship speaks to Recruitment Grapevine

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Our London MD, Paul Goodship recently interviewed with Recruitment Grapevine on hiring recruiters from competitors and the importance of developing & training of your own in-house talent. Read more by following this link.