Merry Christmas from Nakama Global

A big thank you to our wonderful clients, candidates and suppliers for a brilliant 2015! Here’s to another big year of All Things Digital in 2016.

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Our Sydney team is growing: Meet Dan – Consultant for Social Media & Digital Client Services


What were you doing before joining Nakama in Sydney? 

I spent five years in end-to-end retail recruitment. Previous to that I was in the hospitality industry for 12 years!

Why did you choose to move to Sydney?

I chose Sydney because I wanted a lifestyle change. The people are really friendly, there’s so much to do and I get to live by the beach with year round great weather. What else do you need in life?

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done since being in Australia?

I dived the Great Barrier Reef and climbed the Harbour Bridge, two things I’ve wanted to do for a really long time. I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie, so I really want to go bungie jump and maybe even a parachute jump might be on the cards sometime soon!  Also you can’t come to Australia and not try surfing. I’ve also bumped into many kangaroos, which never gets old but still yet to catch a Koala.

What was the hardest part about leaving England? 

Leaving my friends and family behind was pretty hard but I think leaving Casper my Labrador was probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Oh and the cat but I don’t think she really misses me all that much.

Why did you decide to enter Recruitment & what do you love about it now? 

It was a complete accident a Resourcer job I took turned into a career in Recruitment.  Once I started Recruitment I loved meeting so many new people every day. Plus you’re always learning regardless of how long you’ve been recruiting and generally every day is different.

What are you known for professionally? 

The person who is really loud & keeps people entertained in the office. Aside from this I like to keep candidates on side and have their best interests at the forefront. I had a great desk in retail and it was always nice to have a lot of them come back to see me or recommend me to others.

What are you doing when you’re not working? 

I’m usually out socialising, at the gym or at the beach seeing as it is at the end of my road. I love my films as well and although the music scene in Sydney is not as good as the UK theres nothing better than live music. 

What would be impossible for you to give up? 

My friends!! What else do you have if you don’t have friends?? Besides them ice cream is probably a very close second.

If you’d like to speak with Dan about a role in Social Media or Digital Client services – email:

Nakama London is growing! Meet Max Coltart – Resourcer Engagement Marketing

Max Coltart

Our London team is growing and we want to introduce our newest member of the Nakama team Max Coltart – Resourcer for Engagement Marketing

What are you known for professionally? Coming from a background working in Michelin star restaurants, I’m known for my work ethic and working in an intense, high-pressured environment with a close-knit team. I can also fry a pretty decent egg.

What do you love about recruitment? The dynamic nature of the industry, there’s always something going on! Also the diverse nature of the people you meet in digital, helping people take the next step in their careers.

What intrigues you about the world of Social Media and working with people who are in the field? Looking at how much social media has changed how we communicate in the last 5-10 years, I’m excited to see what the future holds, and to be a part of that change.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done while being in London? Serving up culinary experiences for a few A-listers. The cast of the Big Bang Theory, and the English Football team, Gary Lineker, Trevor McDonald to name a few.

What would be impossible for you to give up? Restaurants! I can’t resist a new pop-up or restaurant opening. My favourite at the moment is City Social and Somsaa

What is your social media channel of choice and why? Instagram, it’s simplicity, personalised content and the ability to get up to date imagery from events, curators, brands is incredible, not to mention the bloggers. It gives you a ‘noise’ free behind the scenes glimpse into your interests. I’m also getting really into Periscope, a live feed to contributors and content creators around the world, who could resist?

Any hidden talents you want to let us know about? I was a chef for 5 years, so my BLTs aren’t too shoddy.

If you’re looking for a role in Social Media, Content & Editorial speak to Max at Nakama London by emailing

Meet Shuddha, our new Social Media Consultant in Hong Kong


Name/Title: Shuddha Dutta, Consultant

Sector you recruit for: Social Media and Content

What are you known for professionally?  I’m known to be very organised and I don’t really get stressed easily. I can remain absolutely calm under stressful situations, which I think is a valuable quality!

Where can we find you when you’re not working? I love the outdoors and I also enjoy photography. So when I’m not at work, I’m on a beach or hiking, as long as it looks nice and I can take pictures, that’s where you will find me.

Any secret/special talents? It’s not a secret, but I cook fairly well, especially Indian dishes such as biryani! I also love taking photographs, at the risk of sounding immodest, I take pretty good pictures!

What is your social media channel of choice? Instagram due to my photography hobby! I love taking and also looking at other photos.

What’s been your favourite thing about working at Nakama so far? People are friendly and helpful and I’ve really enjoyed that. They’ve made it really easy to settle in for me.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done in HK? I just saw the last races of the season, which was a cool experience for me!

What do you love about working in recruitment? The opportunity to meet a lot of people from different backgrounds – culturally and professionally.

Shuddha is based in our NAKAMA Hong Kong office and can be reached on m: +852 94053120 or

YUCCIE: Young Urban Creatives Taking Over the World

Sounds a bit like YMCA, doesn’t it? Though you’d probably never find a typical “yuccie” doing the dance, unless it’s to be posted on Instagram (HASH TAG PARTY, HASH TAG WOOP WOOP).


So what is a YUCCIE?

If it were an acronym it would probably stand for Young Urban Cool Creative Instagram Employee. Yuccies are what happens when you combine a hipster and a yuppie (though you’d never hear a yuccie admit that).


noun   | yu·ccie | \ˈyu-ˌccie\

An artistic individual who wants to work to not only pay their bills and have money left over for weekend getaways, but also to stimulate their mind and fulfill their creative and entrepreneurial goals.


In tribute to Yuccies worldwide, I have re-written the lyrics to the classic U.G.L.Y by Daphne & Celeste.

By Maggie Partsi

You Yuccie,
Hey, hey
You Yuccie!

I saw you walking down the street the other day,
Didn’t see your Soy Mocha Frappe Latte from that far away,
I should have got a clue when the job offers started streaming,
You walked up to me with your bamboo sunglasses gleaming.

Your hair was super styled and your face was perfection,
I thought I caught you smiling at your own damn reflection,
You hurt the barista’s feelings and the milk spilt on the floor,
I don’t think they had more,
You took a Selfie in the store.

Your scarf is so fancy you can see it from the moon,
Your Insta has more followers than Kim Jong-un,
When Seinfeld was released you were only 8,
Yet you’re quoting George Kostanza on your date,
Did you fall off your Birkenstocks and land on your lensless glasses?
You’re going to be late to your boozy painting classes,
You’re blasting Hinder while you’re on Tinder!

You Yuccie,
Hey, hey
You Yuccie!

You got eyes bigger than the sun and your moustache is perfect,
With your creativity you can surely find a word to rhyme with perfect (I can’t),
Jonathan Franzen, remember him? You read his books with your best friend Jim,
You’re getting paid to build connections,
Spread your networks to gain traction,
Yo boss says, ‘you Yuccie’
You Yuccie!

Hey, hey, you Yuccie!
Get busy,
Yo boss says, ‘you Yuccie’
Get busy,
Yo neighbours say, ‘you Yuccie’
Get busy,
Yo friends all say, ‘you Yuccie’
HEY, HEY, you Yuccie!

Maggie is our Social Media & SEO specialist based in Melbourne. Maggie can be reached on (03) 8610 6785 or

The Social Revolution: Why Aren’t My Hilarious Cat Pictures Getting Any Likes?

We all see those funny little pictures on Facebook. You know the ones; a picture of a cat, or a burrito, or a cat holding a burrito (‘cause why not have both?)


But when you really think about it, what does that cat, or the burrito, or the combination of both, have to do with your Lawn Mowing business? The answer… Nothing.

While Social Media is certainly not the right platform for plugging your products and aimlessly trying to get people to buy your amazing new hairdryer, the content posted does need to be in alignment with your product, service, or general company vision. Posting pictures of cats with funny captions, as hilarious as they may be, lacks a sense of relevance that is necessary for getting your point across.

Which brings me to my next point: what is the point?

Bestselling author of The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell, discusses the notion of a social revolution in his article, Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not be Tweeted. Gladwell delves into previous historical events and whether social media is bringing people together or setting them apart (or having no impact at all). While we have time and time again heard about social activism and the notion of a ‘Twitter Revolution’, it becomes hard to see through the social sandstorm and to find the truth hidden deep within the dirt.

Let’s take a step back.

Back to the days of the brick shaped Nokia phone that could destroy an entire dinner plate if dropped. There was no social media on it. No Facebook, no Twitter, no pictures of your friend’s lunch… Just Snake. How ever did we survive?

Nowadays, everyone you know is using social media. Your friend, your friend’s friend, you’re mother’s sister’s auntie’s cousin and her pet Chihuahua dressed as a pineapple. But how do we break through the truckloads of information and find what’s really important and relevant to our lives? And more importantly, how do we, as Business Owners, as Social Media Strategists, as Digital Marketing Managers, create content that is relevant to the lives of our target audience?

First and foremost, simplicity is key. Research and evaluation is needed to figure out what your audience loves to see. Facebook insights and Google Analytics play a large role in defining what an audience enjoys or likes to interact with. Dependent on this, construction of a social media strategy is vital to increase engagement and ensure a systematic approach, as opposed to just posting a picture or an article here and there.

social strat

The benefit of a systematic approach is that anyone can take over it, regardless of who is in the office that day. Many companies (especially the smaller organisations) tend to have everyone chip in for the social media piece. Laying out a set strategy allows individuals to pick up where others have left off. Additionally, syndicating content ensures that the same items don’t get posted over and over again.

What is especially unique about social media is that it allows people to interact with your brand, to speak with it, and to engage with you while you tell the story of your business and present content in line with the company’s vision. Oh, and of course running a competition doesn’t hurt either. Who doesn’t want to win a trip to Hawaii?

So, what have we learnt? Mainly, that social media is important. It may not be revolutionary, and it may not be enough to cause global change within minutes, but it does hold a lot of power, especially in the consumer market. Without sounding too trivial, it gives a voice to the people; it gives them the power to feel heard.

In turn, what you receive is an even greater power – the power to listen.

Maggie is our Social Media & SEO specialist based in Melbourne. If you’re looking for a new role, or for help sourcing talent for your team, Maggie can be reached on (03) 8610 6785 or

How to Retain Young Digital Talent


There’s been a lot of talk about Gen Y’s and Millennials’ in general, but one topic that stands out to me, is how tough they are to hold on to!! Mix this with the high turnover we regularly see within the digital space and this has potential to create big challenges. Statistics show that it is very rare for Millennials to stay within their digital positions for more than 3 years and a young person who has stayed in their role for 18 months is considered a long stander. This statistic is also almost true to all Digital agency employees.

So what does today’s young digital talent really want!?

This question is nearly as difficult to answer as that of Mel Gibson’s movie “What Woman Want”. Will we ever know? Well we can certainly try!

In order to figure out what today’s young talent wants, I’ve gone to them directly surveying several of my young candidates asking the question many hiring and HR managers fail to: “What would make you want to stay in your current role”?

The most compelling statement I received was to “Give us a reason to stay”. Young people are inundated with temptation during the early stages of their careers including international travel, further study, alternate roles and even a change in mind of career or industry. As an employer, you need to ask yourself what your digital agency can offer that other agencies can’t.

The most common theme that young people want is to have a clear plan of where they are headed. Millennials aren’t the most patient generation so when it comes to crafting a clear career path for them it is specifically important to align their personal goals with your company values and for them to see the potential for growth. If there is no clear path every day is going to seem like Groundhog Day and they will eventually move on to an agency that can offer them future growth. It’s very important to have action plans in place, as Millennials want the opportunity to rise up quickly. They are aware and willing to perform well, provided they see the training and mentorship opportunities, and have genuinely bought into your company’s vision.

Talented individuals are also very aware of their talent and they are looking for agencies willing to invest in them and recognize their hard work! When dealing with Millennials something that can be very easily overlooked is praise. This proved to be a very important theme in responses I received and their message was clear. If you don’t appreciate your employees, they will find another agency that will.

The suggestions above may seem like very simple and obvious solutions to retain top talent, however you would be surprised at how many agencies think they are doing the most they can but are in actuality missing one or many key elements in the equation. Now on the other hand of the spectrum, if you happen to be over achieving the suggestions above and would like to take your retention rates to the next level, start thinking about perks!

Perks, oh the perks I’ve heard of in agency land!

Us young folk love, and I mean LOVE perks. My experience of working with a lot of today’s digital agencies has exposed me to some truly amazing workplace perks! From “doona days”, summer Fridays, fully paid gym memberships, flexible working time and place, birthday days off, the most amazing workspaces, the list goes on, and today’s agencies that are successful at retaining talent are constantly finding new ways to innovate to attract these individuals.

The most successful perks I have seen that resonate exceptionally well with young talent are incentivised perks, perks you have to work for.

  • The best agency incentive I have heard of comes from Host, an agency we work with, who has offices in Sydney and Singapore. Along with an amazing retention rate for their staff, Host awards staff who have been with the agency for over 3 years with a “Host Sabbatical”. This is an opportunity to take an extra three weeks paid leave and $2,000 to pursue a lifelong ambition. Some recent sabbaticals have included, cycling 11340km from Adelaide to Melbourne in 20 days and kicking off a (second) music career as a solo recording artist in Europe

As much as young candidates enjoy staying around for pool tables and beer fridges in the office, incentivized perks take rewards & recognition to a new level. Young people are more likely to stick around and work for their perks through exceptional work or from earning their stripes within a business.

The bottom-line here for agencies to remember is that talk is sweet, but actions really do speak louder than words. Don’t just promise career progression but deliver on this and make it a clear path with actions and a plan in place. If you want your young talent to stick around for longer than 12 months give them a reason to stay!

Michaela Kennedy is our Nakama Sydney Social Media & Digital Client Services Consultant.

If you’re looking for a new role, or for help resourcing your Social Media team, Michaela can be reached +61 (0) 432 220 289 or