Taking New York – The Global Recruiter

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Nakama News – What recruitment executives are watching in 2016

Nakama Group plc CEO, Rob Sheffield speaks to recruitment publication Shortlist on what he’ll be keeping a close eye on within the industry in 2016.

What recruitment executives are watching in 2016



Meet our new NAKAMA Consultant

Get to know John, our new consultant in Sydney!

Name: John McHaffie

Sector: Senior Appointments, Digital Transformation and Innovation.

What are you known for professionally? Creating lasting relationships with clients / candidates, I would like to think I am an achiever and will do all I can to achieve my goals.

Where can we find you when you’re not working? In my Music studio, out with friends or buying trainers.

What would be impossible for you to give up? Listening to music, football and collecting trainers.

What Gadget could you not live without? Macbook, as all my music production is made on there.

Fave Tech Trend for 2015? Spotify has leaped miles ahead of any of its competitors and has changed how accessible fresh music is on the move!

Any secret/ special talents? Professional music producer / Dj.

What do you love about working in Sydney? The culture and meeting people from all over the world.

John is based in our Nakama Sydney office and can be reached on +61 (0) 434 061 071 or jmchaffie@nakamasydney.com.

The Social Revolution: Why Aren’t My Hilarious Cat Pictures Getting Any Likes?

We all see those funny little pictures on Facebook. You know the ones; a picture of a cat, or a burrito, or a cat holding a burrito (‘cause why not have both?)


But when you really think about it, what does that cat, or the burrito, or the combination of both, have to do with your Lawn Mowing business? The answer… Nothing.

While Social Media is certainly not the right platform for plugging your products and aimlessly trying to get people to buy your amazing new hairdryer, the content posted does need to be in alignment with your product, service, or general company vision. Posting pictures of cats with funny captions, as hilarious as they may be, lacks a sense of relevance that is necessary for getting your point across.

Which brings me to my next point: what is the point?

Bestselling author of The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell, discusses the notion of a social revolution in his article, Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not be Tweeted. Gladwell delves into previous historical events and whether social media is bringing people together or setting them apart (or having no impact at all). While we have time and time again heard about social activism and the notion of a ‘Twitter Revolution’, it becomes hard to see through the social sandstorm and to find the truth hidden deep within the dirt.

Let’s take a step back.

Back to the days of the brick shaped Nokia phone that could destroy an entire dinner plate if dropped. There was no social media on it. No Facebook, no Twitter, no pictures of your friend’s lunch… Just Snake. How ever did we survive?

Nowadays, everyone you know is using social media. Your friend, your friend’s friend, you’re mother’s sister’s auntie’s cousin and her pet Chihuahua dressed as a pineapple. But how do we break through the truckloads of information and find what’s really important and relevant to our lives? And more importantly, how do we, as Business Owners, as Social Media Strategists, as Digital Marketing Managers, create content that is relevant to the lives of our target audience?

First and foremost, simplicity is key. Research and evaluation is needed to figure out what your audience loves to see. Facebook insights and Google Analytics play a large role in defining what an audience enjoys or likes to interact with. Dependent on this, construction of a social media strategy is vital to increase engagement and ensure a systematic approach, as opposed to just posting a picture or an article here and there.

social strat

The benefit of a systematic approach is that anyone can take over it, regardless of who is in the office that day. Many companies (especially the smaller organisations) tend to have everyone chip in for the social media piece. Laying out a set strategy allows individuals to pick up where others have left off. Additionally, syndicating content ensures that the same items don’t get posted over and over again.

What is especially unique about social media is that it allows people to interact with your brand, to speak with it, and to engage with you while you tell the story of your business and present content in line with the company’s vision. Oh, and of course running a competition doesn’t hurt either. Who doesn’t want to win a trip to Hawaii?

So, what have we learnt? Mainly, that social media is important. It may not be revolutionary, and it may not be enough to cause global change within minutes, but it does hold a lot of power, especially in the consumer market. Without sounding too trivial, it gives a voice to the people; it gives them the power to feel heard.

In turn, what you receive is an even greater power – the power to listen.

Maggie is our Social Media & SEO specialist based in Melbourne. If you’re looking for a new role, or for help sourcing talent for your team, Maggie can be reached on (03) 8610 6785 or mpartsi@nakamamelbourne.com.