Meet Sarah – Consultant for Technology at Nakama Sydney

Sarah Clayton Sydney


Sarah Clayton

Title: Consultant – Technology

Which Nakama Global office do you work within? Sydney

What sector do you specialise in? Technology covering Contract and Freelance

What are you known for professionally? Being honest with how I work, I’m always upfront and approachable to clients and candidates.

What do you love about recruitment? The fast pace of a contract desk, the downs and then the ups! When something pulls through, when you thought it wasn’t going to, creates a real buzz.

What intrigues you most about your sector? At the moment EVERYTHING! I’m amazed by all the things the candidates are showing me in interviews, cool apps and games they have developed!

What’s the next big development in your sector? IoT –  We’re seeing a lot more roles in developing apps which are focused on Technologies that speak to each other – essentially giving users the ability to control their homes from their mobile.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done while being in your city? Jet boating around the harbour on my first day in Sydney!

What would be impossible for you to give up? Chocolate! (of course!)

What is your social media channel of choice? Facebook

Any hidden talents/hobbies you want to let us know about? I did an art degree back in the UK and still like to have a dabble now!

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Nakama Melbourne at Pause Fest 2016 – Highlights from the day


Pause Fest 2016 – Overview from Nakama Melbourne

Last week Nakama Melbourne visited the city’s premier Digital, Tech & Design innovation event Pause Fest, where our very own Social Media and SEO Specialist Consultant, Maggie Partsi was representing her side project “VibeDate” among the start-up exhibitors.

Pause Fest brings together Australia’s brightest minds in the digital space to showcase over 3 days ideas, knowledge, thought leaders & products that are putting the land down under among the forefront of the technology – in essence a creative environment to foster new ideas! We were able to get a few shots of the day and attend some great sessions delivered by the likes of Sina Krisse from Yoke, Tony Lees from Ntegrity and Gavin Becker from Clemenger BBDO.


Envato’s HR Director, James Law hosted a presentation around ‘People Power’ and creating experiences your talent will love. It was great hearing how a company voted ‘Coolest Tech Co. 2015’ and ‘Coolest Co. for Women 2015’ attract and retain staff.

Three key take away points from his presentation were:

  • The only thing that matters is relationships
  • Place focus on trust this needs to be the “default” and flow through the entire business
  • Focus on output not input



Presented by:

  • Sina Kresse, Yoke
  • Tony Lee, Ntergrity
  • Mark Cowan, Acorn Brands

Sina said perfectly that “Digital business transformation is not that hard” and the adoption of it should be approached with this mindset.

They identified that businesses fall into three groups when it comes to digital transformation:

The Dead (or laggers): This defines more than half of Australian businesses (67%), this can be mostly attributed to not having the right culture in place.

The Try Hard (or barely surviving):

“Most business’ fail at digital branding”

It’s a digital jungle out there and to be successful you need to self educate, be proactive and be hungry to learn.

You have to keep learning, educate the leaders in your business, become industry experts and give back and share the knowledge.

The Savvy Operators (or the thriving)

What sets the Savvy apart from the rest?

Robust strategy = Drives innovation = Success

These companies are humble and are not scared to go back 3 steps if something is not working.

Focus for the stage of transformation is to create a shared language!

A brilliant point made by Sina, something that really resonates with me working in the digital space, I too believe that we need to standardise the language, titles and roles in digital to avoid confusion and replication of titles and roles.

Tony Lee of NTegrity also gave an excellent overview of the digital space in Australia, from pace to adoption, to how the space can respond to the digital talent shortage:

“In the last two years we have seen more change in marketing then in the last two decades”

“Digital is moving and evolving faster then the industry can keep up”

My favourite quote of the day was “Digital Distress” – I absolutely love this and have been using it a lot this week – it’s my new buzzword (for anything digitally distressing…)

Tony also spoke about the talent shortage in the market and how we should be educating the teachers not just the students, which I agree with 100%.

How Creativity is driving innovation in Australia

BBDO clients were among the open table discussions, with big name clients on board like: Mars Petcare, Drinkwise, Visit Victoria and TAC.

Moderator was Gavin Becker, Creative Technologist at BBDO spoke about the importance of creativity in producing solutions and customers today having a ‘voracious appetite for new content’.

It was great seeing and hearing from BBDO’s clients on how the campaigns were successful and the results they achieved for them. I really loved the Mars Petcare app ‘Found’, a brilliant use of mobile tech that helps owners find a lost pet – the uptake by owners was incredible and subsequently they won a lot of awards and received recognition for the app – of course I downloaded it while I was listening to the presentation, and it has my seal of approval.

Julia Falcone, MD Nakama Melbourne 

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Nakama London to sponsor London’s first Vue.js Meet-up

Nakama London is very pleased to announce that we’ll be sponsoring the very first London Vue.js meet-up.

Vue.js is a library for building interactive web interfaces, powerful enough to build full-scale applications. The framework is still fairly new but the uptake by the development community has been very strong, from those with intermediate JS knowledge through to full-time JavaScript developers.

With the popularity of the library predicted to grow even more in 2016, we’re expecting it to be a required skill by employers. The evening will (re)introduce the framework, and explore topic which will show you why it’s getting a lot of attention from the developers across the board.

Talks on the night include:

Building a UI style guide with Vue.js components

– By Jack Barham @jackbarham. Product designer and developer.

Vue.js, Vuex and Redux-like State Management

– By James Browne @onejamesbrowne. Full-stack engineer.

There are limited numbers for the event and registration opens today via the meet-up link.

The event will be held at The Nakama London offices, Thursday the 3rd of March, 2016.

Nakama London Tech team are really excited about the future of Vue.js and will be actively seeking out opportunities within the market, meanwhile if you’re a looking for a contract or perm role across the following skillsets speak to David Riley at Nakama London or email:

  • ReactJS
  • AngularJS
  • BackboneJS
  • Ember
  • JQuery
  • Underscore
  • JS

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 12.29.11

Nakama London is Growing! Meet Eimear – Resourcer – Technology

Eimear Walsh

Name: Eimear Walsh

Title: Resourcer – Technology 

Sector you recruit for: Technology

What are you known for professionally? Coming from a Speech and Language Therapy background, I’m known for my strong communication skills!

Why did you want to pursue a career in recruiting for the Technology sector? I’ve always had a keen interest in Tech and also in people. As such recruitment with in the Tech sector is a ideal marriage of these two interests.

What intrigues you about the world of Digital/Techology? Everything!! I’ve always had a keen interest in the area but now that I’m becoming more immersed and I’m learning more, my intrigue has been heightened to new levels.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done while being in London? My sister managed to wangle some VIP tickets for the Alexander McQueen exhibition in the V&A which was pretty amazing! 

What would be impossible for you to give up? Coffee…. I’ve tried and failed! 

What is your social media channel of choice? Instagram

Any hidden talents you want to let us know about?  I’ve been know to pick up a guitar and attempt some bad covers… But what I lack in talent, I make up for in enthusiasm.

Meet our new NAKAMA Consultant

Get to know Martyn, our new Consultant in Melbourne!

Martyn Tomczuk

Name: Martyn Tomczuk

Title: Recruitment Consultant

Sector you recruit for: Technology

What are you known for professionally? Customer service and putting my client/ talent needs before anything else.

Where can we find you when you’re not working? I’d like to think in the gym.

What would be impossible for you to give up? COFFEE!

Any secret/special talents? Coffee Connoisseur. I can tell you all about it.

What is your favourite app? Spotify or Instagram. Could never decide between the two.

Why do you love working in Melbourne? I love how it’s different from street to street and suburb to suburb. You can always find something to do, even when the 4 seasons happen in a  day.

Follow Martyn on LinkedIn or if you’d like to chat with him about a role or sourcing your team, email or call +61 (0) 499 248

Innovative digital technology used to deliver powerful domestic violence campaign message

Image Credit: WCRS

The power of advertising, can you see the effect? The innovative campaign launched by WCRS and Ocean Outdoor for domestic violence charity Women’s Aid, saw the importance of not turning a blind eye to domestic violence but also how the power of advertising can make a difference by engagement.

The campaign coincided with International Women’s Day, a powerful launch date that aimed to strike hard encouraging effective action for advancing and recognising women. WCRS used images of models that had been beaten and bruised on large digital outdoor screens; photographed by Ian Rankin these already shocking images are combined with a caption stating ‘Look at me’.

Do you look or do you turn a blind eye?

Women that have been affected by domestic violence usually try to hide their bruises and feel unable to tell anyone about their suffering, fearing that they won’t be believed or people won’t understand. The screens use digital facial recognition to detect passers-by, as long as people ignore the images the bruises do not go away and the posters remain the same. However, once people start to notice and recognise the issue the bruises begin to fade and the women’s faces become completely healed. A direct translation of how advertising can be measured, this campaign is the first instance in the UK where technology has been used in combination with outdoor screens to show the cause and effect.

Ross Neil, creative director at WCRS, added: “The simplicity of the advert’s wording and image implicates passers-by in their inactivity before the advanced technology demonstrates how they personally can make a change in the fight against domestic violence by engaging with it.”

To encourage interaction passers-by receive push notifications drawing their attention to the screen, offering more information and providing a link to a microsite where donations can be taken. This also allows for the campaigns effectiveness to be measured. Through the use of simple advertising and dynamic technology, WCRS have managed to deliver a campaign that illustrates an effective solution that encourages us to make a positive change. We can all make a tangible difference if we work together and this can be seen visually within this campaign; the more people that look at the posters the quicker the bruises fade and a change is made.

Taking notice is more powerful than turning a blind eye.

Sian recruits for temporary and permanent digital design and creative roles here at Nakama London. If you’d like to speak to Sian about a role email LinkedIn or Phone: 0203 588 4567

The Power of Digital

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 11.22.29 am

Ever since uni days, attending design and digital conferences has always been a valued past time of mine. Spending a few jam-packed hours listening to inspirational speakers has an energising effect on me. I usually leave feeling a little bit overwhelmed but somewhat smarter and switched on. It is also a constant reminder of the limitless power and potential of digital plus it provides exposure to countless brilliant ideas that people come up with.

So, in the past couple of weeks, here are a few things that I have learnt.

1.  Fundamental principles still apply

Whether it’s related to digital or not, success still results from the same methods and practices. Mark Pullyblank presented at Pause Fest. Film titles that he has animated for include Avatar, The Smurfs, The Hobbit and the list goes on with other much loved and watched movies. His interesting journey included spending much of the 90’s working as a musician.  After deciding he needed to move in a new direction, he went back to uni to study animation at the age of 33 and even though his marks were below average, he persevered purely because he loved the way it felt to put pencil to paper. He disregarded thinking about the how or why, but merely focused on ‘playing’ the way a child does, staying present in the moment.

2.   Connection is key

Winner of three Emmys and often the most popular podcast in the USA, This American Life attracts about one million listeners weekly. So how does one attract so many listeners? By sharing true stories of everyday people. Miki Meek and Brian Reed, two of the Producers presented at Pause Fest sharing some of their stories.

3.  The world can be your oyster

Jane Huxley, Managing Director of Pandora (Internet radio) ANZ spoke at Real Big Things. One of the reasons why Pandora, streaming radio is so popular is because “When we hear something new, we feel compelled to share it.” She shared a great story about approaching a young band busking at Bourke Street mall. After handing Jane their CD, she sent it to Pandora USA who put their music through the audition process. The exposure this has provided them has been epic and these guys now have 100’s of thousands of followers listening to their music worldwide.

The world continues to get smaller and much, much more connected. It’s really quite remarkable.

Charlie Krowitz is our Melbourne Digital & Technology Consultant and she can be reached on +61 (3) 8610 6781 or