Nakama Melbourne at Pause Fest 2016 – Highlights from the day


Pause Fest 2016 – Overview from Nakama Melbourne

Last week Nakama Melbourne visited the city’s premier Digital, Tech & Design innovation event Pause Fest, where our very own Social Media and SEO Specialist Consultant, Maggie Partsi was representing her side project “VibeDate” among the start-up exhibitors.

Pause Fest brings together Australia’s brightest minds in the digital space to showcase over 3 days ideas, knowledge, thought leaders & products that are putting the land down under among the forefront of the technology – in essence a creative environment to foster new ideas! We were able to get a few shots of the day and attend some great sessions delivered by the likes of Sina Krisse from Yoke, Tony Lees from Ntegrity and Gavin Becker from Clemenger BBDO.


Envato’s HR Director, James Law hosted a presentation around ‘People Power’ and creating experiences your talent will love. It was great hearing how a company voted ‘Coolest Tech Co. 2015’ and ‘Coolest Co. for Women 2015’ attract and retain staff.

Three key take away points from his presentation were:

  • The only thing that matters is relationships
  • Place focus on trust this needs to be the “default” and flow through the entire business
  • Focus on output not input



Presented by:

  • Sina Kresse, Yoke
  • Tony Lee, Ntergrity
  • Mark Cowan, Acorn Brands

Sina said perfectly that “Digital business transformation is not that hard” and the adoption of it should be approached with this mindset.

They identified that businesses fall into three groups when it comes to digital transformation:

The Dead (or laggers): This defines more than half of Australian businesses (67%), this can be mostly attributed to not having the right culture in place.

The Try Hard (or barely surviving):

“Most business’ fail at digital branding”

It’s a digital jungle out there and to be successful you need to self educate, be proactive and be hungry to learn.

You have to keep learning, educate the leaders in your business, become industry experts and give back and share the knowledge.

The Savvy Operators (or the thriving)

What sets the Savvy apart from the rest?

Robust strategy = Drives innovation = Success

These companies are humble and are not scared to go back 3 steps if something is not working.

Focus for the stage of transformation is to create a shared language!

A brilliant point made by Sina, something that really resonates with me working in the digital space, I too believe that we need to standardise the language, titles and roles in digital to avoid confusion and replication of titles and roles.

Tony Lee of NTegrity also gave an excellent overview of the digital space in Australia, from pace to adoption, to how the space can respond to the digital talent shortage:

“In the last two years we have seen more change in marketing then in the last two decades”

“Digital is moving and evolving faster then the industry can keep up”

My favourite quote of the day was “Digital Distress” – I absolutely love this and have been using it a lot this week – it’s my new buzzword (for anything digitally distressing…)

Tony also spoke about the talent shortage in the market and how we should be educating the teachers not just the students, which I agree with 100%.

How Creativity is driving innovation in Australia

BBDO clients were among the open table discussions, with big name clients on board like: Mars Petcare, Drinkwise, Visit Victoria and TAC.

Moderator was Gavin Becker, Creative Technologist at BBDO spoke about the importance of creativity in producing solutions and customers today having a ‘voracious appetite for new content’.

It was great seeing and hearing from BBDO’s clients on how the campaigns were successful and the results they achieved for them. I really loved the Mars Petcare app ‘Found’, a brilliant use of mobile tech that helps owners find a lost pet – the uptake by owners was incredible and subsequently they won a lot of awards and received recognition for the app – of course I downloaded it while I was listening to the presentation, and it has my seal of approval.

Julia Falcone, MD Nakama Melbourne 

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YUCCIE: Young Urban Creatives Taking Over the World

Sounds a bit like YMCA, doesn’t it? Though you’d probably never find a typical “yuccie” doing the dance, unless it’s to be posted on Instagram (HASH TAG PARTY, HASH TAG WOOP WOOP).


So what is a YUCCIE?

If it were an acronym it would probably stand for Young Urban Cool Creative Instagram Employee. Yuccies are what happens when you combine a hipster and a yuppie (though you’d never hear a yuccie admit that).


noun   | yu·ccie | \ˈyu-ˌccie\

An artistic individual who wants to work to not only pay their bills and have money left over for weekend getaways, but also to stimulate their mind and fulfill their creative and entrepreneurial goals.


In tribute to Yuccies worldwide, I have re-written the lyrics to the classic U.G.L.Y by Daphne & Celeste.

By Maggie Partsi

You Yuccie,
Hey, hey
You Yuccie!

I saw you walking down the street the other day,
Didn’t see your Soy Mocha Frappe Latte from that far away,
I should have got a clue when the job offers started streaming,
You walked up to me with your bamboo sunglasses gleaming.

Your hair was super styled and your face was perfection,
I thought I caught you smiling at your own damn reflection,
You hurt the barista’s feelings and the milk spilt on the floor,
I don’t think they had more,
You took a Selfie in the store.

Your scarf is so fancy you can see it from the moon,
Your Insta has more followers than Kim Jong-un,
When Seinfeld was released you were only 8,
Yet you’re quoting George Kostanza on your date,
Did you fall off your Birkenstocks and land on your lensless glasses?
You’re going to be late to your boozy painting classes,
You’re blasting Hinder while you’re on Tinder!

You Yuccie,
Hey, hey
You Yuccie!

You got eyes bigger than the sun and your moustache is perfect,
With your creativity you can surely find a word to rhyme with perfect (I can’t),
Jonathan Franzen, remember him? You read his books with your best friend Jim,
You’re getting paid to build connections,
Spread your networks to gain traction,
Yo boss says, ‘you Yuccie’
You Yuccie!

Hey, hey, you Yuccie!
Get busy,
Yo boss says, ‘you Yuccie’
Get busy,
Yo neighbours say, ‘you Yuccie’
Get busy,
Yo friends all say, ‘you Yuccie’
HEY, HEY, you Yuccie!

Maggie is our Social Media & SEO specialist based in Melbourne. Maggie can be reached on (03) 8610 6785 or

The Social Revolution: Why Aren’t My Hilarious Cat Pictures Getting Any Likes?

We all see those funny little pictures on Facebook. You know the ones; a picture of a cat, or a burrito, or a cat holding a burrito (‘cause why not have both?)


But when you really think about it, what does that cat, or the burrito, or the combination of both, have to do with your Lawn Mowing business? The answer… Nothing.

While Social Media is certainly not the right platform for plugging your products and aimlessly trying to get people to buy your amazing new hairdryer, the content posted does need to be in alignment with your product, service, or general company vision. Posting pictures of cats with funny captions, as hilarious as they may be, lacks a sense of relevance that is necessary for getting your point across.

Which brings me to my next point: what is the point?

Bestselling author of The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell, discusses the notion of a social revolution in his article, Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not be Tweeted. Gladwell delves into previous historical events and whether social media is bringing people together or setting them apart (or having no impact at all). While we have time and time again heard about social activism and the notion of a ‘Twitter Revolution’, it becomes hard to see through the social sandstorm and to find the truth hidden deep within the dirt.

Let’s take a step back.

Back to the days of the brick shaped Nokia phone that could destroy an entire dinner plate if dropped. There was no social media on it. No Facebook, no Twitter, no pictures of your friend’s lunch… Just Snake. How ever did we survive?

Nowadays, everyone you know is using social media. Your friend, your friend’s friend, you’re mother’s sister’s auntie’s cousin and her pet Chihuahua dressed as a pineapple. But how do we break through the truckloads of information and find what’s really important and relevant to our lives? And more importantly, how do we, as Business Owners, as Social Media Strategists, as Digital Marketing Managers, create content that is relevant to the lives of our target audience?

First and foremost, simplicity is key. Research and evaluation is needed to figure out what your audience loves to see. Facebook insights and Google Analytics play a large role in defining what an audience enjoys or likes to interact with. Dependent on this, construction of a social media strategy is vital to increase engagement and ensure a systematic approach, as opposed to just posting a picture or an article here and there.

social strat

The benefit of a systematic approach is that anyone can take over it, regardless of who is in the office that day. Many companies (especially the smaller organisations) tend to have everyone chip in for the social media piece. Laying out a set strategy allows individuals to pick up where others have left off. Additionally, syndicating content ensures that the same items don’t get posted over and over again.

What is especially unique about social media is that it allows people to interact with your brand, to speak with it, and to engage with you while you tell the story of your business and present content in line with the company’s vision. Oh, and of course running a competition doesn’t hurt either. Who doesn’t want to win a trip to Hawaii?

So, what have we learnt? Mainly, that social media is important. It may not be revolutionary, and it may not be enough to cause global change within minutes, but it does hold a lot of power, especially in the consumer market. Without sounding too trivial, it gives a voice to the people; it gives them the power to feel heard.

In turn, what you receive is an even greater power – the power to listen.

Maggie is our Social Media & SEO specialist based in Melbourne. If you’re looking for a new role, or for help sourcing talent for your team, Maggie can be reached on (03) 8610 6785 or