Digital Media growth in Singapore

As more and more foreigners apply for digital roles in Singapore, the one thing they want to know is ‘what’s the market like?’  A standard question but the response isn’t always so straightforward.

Over the past two years, senior candidates with impressive resumes and a wealth of digital knowledge have assumed it would be easy to walk into senior digital positions in this market, but it’s been tougher and certainly slower than expected. This isn’t because the digital scene is struggling; on the contrary it’s one of the most exciting markets to be in but some of the skill sets being offered simply haven’t been required at that time.

This is changing though and things are ramping up in the digital scene with more and more talent being grown organically in Singapore as well as a continuous influx of talent from the States, the UK, Europe, South East Asia and Australia.

Singapore has become the hub for growth in digital media in the region with the growth markets catching up. Although it might still be behind advanced markets with revenue spend, it is becoming one of the fastest growing and advanced markets in digital advertising. This means more and more positions are becoming readily available, an exciting prospect for those senior candidates.

Charlotte van der Vorm is our Nakama Singapore Digital Strategy & Social Media Sr. Consultant. Charlotte can be reached at or +65 9176 2741.