Meet Mirella – Senior Consultant for UX/UI & Snr Digital Marketing & Product Roles


The Nakama Melbourne Team is growing! Meet Mirella Di Iorio, Senior Consultant for UX/UI & Senior Digital roles across Marketing & Product.

What sector do you recruit for:

Digital – UX/UI and Senior Digital roles across Marketing and Product

What are you known for professionally? 

With a background spanning over fifteen years across digital, marketing and creative environments, both as an Industry Professional and Recruitment Consultant, I enjoy partnering with both clients and candidates to arrive at successful outcomes. I am known for my contacts and networks within the Melbourne Market.

What do you love about recruitment?

I love that everyday is different; I get to meet the most innovative and interesting people. I am excited about the prospect of helping agencies and organisations find great talent to enrich their business and marketing goals.

What intrigues you about the world of Digital Marketing, Creative & Technology?

I find that it is fast paced and all ways changing, it attracts highly creative and skilled people that blow me away with their skills and knowledge

What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen or done while in Melbourne – what do you love about the city?

I have been involved in many cool events such as fashion shows, art exhibitions and music events, bringing together independent artists and performers to the public domain. I love that Melbourne supports the arts, it’s both dynamic and cosmopolitan and just a really cool place to live!

What would be impossible for you to give up?

I really love chocolate and would hate to give it up!

What is your social media channel of choice? 


Any hidden talents you want to let us know about? 

Trained Dancer & Fine Artist


If you’d like to speak with Mirella about a role connect via LinkedIn or you can email your CV and Portfolio to Mirella  at 


NAKAMA After Hours: Charlie


Get to know what our Consultants are up to when they’re not busy recruiting!

Our first spotlight is on our very own artiste and Melbourne Sr Digital Consultant, Charlie Krowitz!

What type of art do you identify with the most? I identify most with painting (especially oil) but I appreciate all art forms and creative expressions, which would also include music, dance and theatre. 

At what age did you start painting? And what was your inspiration to do so? My uncle is a well known artist and jeweller in South Africa, so from a very young age I was exposed to and inspired by his creativity. Art class was my favourite extra curricular activity – I love/d the way it felt applying the medium to canvas. 

Who is your favourite artist and why? It’s hard to narrow it down to just one. I am very fond of Paul Gauguin, William Kentridge, Andy Warhol and Tim Storrier.

Do you get inspiration from any particular artists or pieces? Absolutely! Each artist’s style and interpretation is unique and every art movement so different so its difficult to narrow it down to one artist or piece. I really enjoy looking at paintings that are hundreds of years old and wonder about what life would have been life back then. 

Recently you entered an Art competition?  Yes! I entered my recent painting into the Archibald Prize, first awarded in 1921, one of Australia’s most prestigious. Awarded to the best portrait painting, it’s a who’s who of Australian culture – from politicians to celebrities, sporting heroes to artists.

How did you find creative inspiration for this piece? The name of the piece is Perpetual Creative Impact. I have always admired Ken Cato’s massive contribution to the design world, especially here in Melbourne. He has built a highly successful design studio which has offices located in 11 different countries. His influence is everywhere. He has designed thousands of corporate identities including myki, Commonwealth Bank, Network Seven. For the past 20 years, Ken has organised the annual AdIdeas conference which inspires designers and talent. I have attended numerous times and has been so amazing by the talent that present who are from all corners of the world. 

What does this piece represent? It represent’s Ken endless ideas and never-ending impact on the design world.

How long did it take you to complete? Endless hours! I lost count but I worked on it for approximately 4 months.

Charlie is a Senior Consultant for Digital & Technology roles at Nakama Melbourne. If you’d like to get in touch with Charlie email or phone +61 (3) 8610 6784

2015 is going to be interesting

Digital equates to change being inevitable. The world that we now live in is always switched on. We are so much more connected.

The marketing landscape has changed and it is becoming much more individualized and more localized.

In order to succeed it is imperative that we have a strong understanding of our target audience. Consumers today are applying more power and influence and these days, instead of assertive messages directed at people, the focus has shifted to engaging people in an ongoing conversation and forming a relationship. The customer needs to be taken on a journey as we tend to gravitate towards brands that help us find meaning.

Instead of thinking in terms of digital marketing, we should be thinking in terms of marketing in a digital world. The massive shift from marketing moving from globalization to personalization and the influence that has had and will continue to have on brands and on business in general intrigues me greatly. I think about this in relation to my role as a recruiter in the digital world and how to connect best with clients and candidates. I have always adopted a personalised approach and nowadays we are able to demand radical transparency and an accurate picture in order for brands to be successful. This necessitates nurturing, listening and care. The most valuable moments are when your customer/candidate is actually in touch with you – on the phone with you, using your product, reading your content.

So how then do you get engagement? Well if you are able to address your customer’s needs, it will result in engagement. So it is important to really think about your relationships. Do you actually care about them? Do they share your values? Do you look forward to seeing that person?

On the flip side of the coin, internal Communications is an area of focus. This year will view it as a marketing asset and an opportunity to create brand ambassadors, ensuring that employees and vendors live and understand the brand.

To sum up, it is exciting times ahead with the way we interact and communicate becoming a lot more authentic, honest and real. This will equate to a deeper understanding of one another and hopefully amazing outcomes.

Charlie Krowitz is our Melbourne Digital & Technology Consultant and she can be reached on +61 (3) 8610 6781 or