Nakama London is growing! Meet Max Coltart – Resourcer Engagement Marketing

Max Coltart

Our London team is growing and we want to introduce our newest member of the Nakama team Max Coltart – Resourcer for Engagement Marketing

What are you known for professionally? Coming from a background working in Michelin star restaurants, I’m known for my work ethic and working in an intense, high-pressured environment with a close-knit team. I can also fry a pretty decent egg.

What do you love about recruitment? The dynamic nature of the industry, there’s always something going on! Also the diverse nature of the people you meet in digital, helping people take the next step in their careers.

What intrigues you about the world of Social Media and working with people who are in the field? Looking at how much social media has changed how we communicate in the last 5-10 years, I’m excited to see what the future holds, and to be a part of that change.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done while being in London? Serving up culinary experiences for a few A-listers. The cast of the Big Bang Theory, and the English Football team, Gary Lineker, Trevor McDonald to name a few.

What would be impossible for you to give up? Restaurants! I can’t resist a new pop-up or restaurant opening. My favourite at the moment is City Social and Somsaa

What is your social media channel of choice and why? Instagram, it’s simplicity, personalised content and the ability to get up to date imagery from events, curators, brands is incredible, not to mention the bloggers. It gives you a ‘noise’ free behind the scenes glimpse into your interests. I’m also getting really into Periscope, a live feed to contributors and content creators around the world, who could resist?

Any hidden talents you want to let us know about? I was a chef for 5 years, so my BLTs aren’t too shoddy.

If you’re looking for a role in Social Media, Content & Editorial speak to Max at Nakama London by emailing


Simple tips on how not to present

We are all pitching or presenting throughout our daily lives. With people we know, people we don’t, with work colleagues, to clients and potential clients. So why do so many people present so badly in an industry such as ours?  I’ve sat in some great pitches and presentations. I’ve been to meetings where best practices have been adopted and they have been as good as a well prepared and rehearsed pitch, even on occasions when it has been a casual conversation over a coffee. Pitching and presenting is a skill and one that needs constant work and refinement. I have witnessed people with a great deal of commercial experience present badly. Take nerves out of the equation and you’re left with some simple things to avoid:

1 – Take a really long time to explain what you’re going to talk about.

2 – Make sure you subtly let everyone know how important you are.

3 – Refer to your notes repeatedly.

4 – Never quote yourself! Seriously Never.

5 – Speak slowly and dramatically.

6 – Use lots of unexplained technical jargon to make yourself sound smart.

7 – Cram your slides with numerous text bullet points and multiple fonts.

8 – Speak at great length about the history of your organization and its achievements.

9 – Sound as if you’re reciting your talk from memory.

10 – Don’t bother rehearsing to check how long your talk is running.

11 – Never, ever make eye contact with anyone in the audience.

Rob Sheffield is CEO, APAC at Nakama Global based in Sydney.