Getting to know Annabelle Cordingley – Nakama London’s Project Management Consultant

Annabelle Cordingley

Name: Annabelle Cordingley

What area do you recruit for? Project Management – Contract and Perm positions

What do you love about recruiting for Digital Project Managers? I’ve got a great network of candidates who I love working with; Project Managers are natural problem solvers and great relationship builders and being in the digital sector means I’m working with clients who have requirements for exciting projects.

What major projects have you been involved in recruiting for? I’ve placed Project Managers in major campaigns for a UK airport runway through to internationally recognised FMCG brands, as well as more unique projects for VOD platforms and complex back-end website and app build projects.

Market trends: Project Managers looking for permanent roles are in hot demand and we’ve got loads of exciting perm roles on at the moment so get in touch if you’re free! On the freelance side, it was a little slow to start this year but is certainly picking up now so please reach out if you’re available or due to be soon.

What are your five tips you can give to candidates looking for a role in project management:

  • Keep your CV short and concise, as a guide no more than three pages.
  • Don’t be shy on detail around relevant positions to the role you are applying for! It’s always good to know as much about your role in a previous project as possible.
  • Don’t miss an opportunity because you don’t tick all the boxes in a job spec. A spec is often the ideal candidate and clients might be flexible on some aspects of a role.
  • Project Managers transitioning from a permanent position to freelancing – Good time-keeping is really important, a lot of people switch to freelance for flexibility, but bare in mind you still have to keep an open channel of communication with your manager about your hours, especially when interviewing for your next role- they’ll expect you to be looking if your contract is coming to an end so let them know and you can arrange to be out at the best time for everyone.
  • Always be wary of your reputation! As a freelancer you move around a lot and London is a very small circuit so it’s important you’re flexible, respectful and excellent communicator – deal with issues in an adult way. Of course- if it’s genuinely terrible get out of there! So long as you have solid reasoning people will

What do you find most interesting about recruitment? Definitely building amazing relationships. My job requires me speaking to people all day, and sometimes the conversations veer from briefing on a role to hearing about their weekends, families and next travel adventure – You really get to know and love your candidates!

What’s your quirkiest obsession? Headstands, knitting and baking, I love the challenge of an improvised ingredient cake! …. And Foxes Extremely Chocolatey Cookies! If you’ve not tried them yet get involved!

Your favourite spot in London?  Federation of Coffee in Brixton! They have an amazing Soy Latte and it’s a brilliant spot to people watch.

If you’re free and would like to speak to Annabelle about a role email or call on 0203 588 4569


Meet Nakama London’s new consultant – Toby

Welcome Toby

Name: Toby Boggans

Title: Consultant – Project Management

Sector you recruit for: Digital Project Managers (Perm)

What are you known for professionally?
I have always been a go-getter type of person. If I want something, I will do everything within reason to achieve it. I’m always setting myself personal goals to achieve, whether that financial goals or the odd luxury goal – once I’ve obtained my goal, the sense of achievement is hugely rewarding.

What do you love about recruitment?
Having been in recruitment for three years now I think the main aspect I love about it is the interaction with both clients and candidates. Being able to show my values/expertise to a client, finding candidates for their roles and on the other side placing candidates in a role they love is always nice to see.

What inspired you to get into the world of Digital Project Management?
I kind of fell into Digital Project Management recruitment, I started working in digital recruitment about three years ago and recruiting for various roles within the ad agency space; Client Services, Social Media and a few Project Management roles but never really concentrated on it solely, that was until I joined my previous company and focused on specialising in the sector and took a liking to it right away.

The people are really cool and I always got on with them on a professional level as well as a personal level too, which is always nice. I now have an established network of Project Managers from Junior to Head of PM level, growing my network everyday.

What is your social media channel of choice?
This changes from time-to-time, but at the moment it has to be Instagram.

Where can we find you when you’re not working?
Probably in The Beehive (my local pub) or in The Matthew Harding Upper stand at Chelsea cheering on the might Chels!

What would be impossible for you to give up?
Pie & Mash and Football.

Any secret/special talents?
I have a few secret talents, but if I told you all they wouldn’t be secret any more would they!

Follow Toby on LinkedIn or if you’d like to chat with him about a role, email or call P: +44 (0) 203 588 4581 M: +44 (0) 7842 722 591