2015 Job Market Overview – Digital Marketing – Permanent

digital marketing

2015 is well and truly underway and London’s job market has really picked up in the booming digital space. Here at Nakama we cover digital recruitment for design and creative, marketing and technology. The team here in London have put their heads together and over the next few days we’ll be sharing overviews of each market to give digital job hunters a look at how things are shaping up for the year across their sectors – Take a look at the first in the series – Digital Marketing Permanent.

Digital Marketing

Digital Analytics and Optimisation has been busy in 2015 already – an appetite for analytics running right through the lifecycle of campaigns has meant the demand for larger Analytics teams seems to have increased. The market seems to be moving at a good pace.  The New Year has also brought new e-Commerce objectives and retailers are ensuring that digital innovation is at its core. With the economy feeling better than it has in a while there is a feeling of understated optimism in the market.  Web Analysts seem to also be moving in-house more than ever as companies look to hire teams that can communicate with all business areas to maximise optimisation and sales.

If you’re looking to hire or you’re looking for a new role email Greg ggoorwitch@nakamalondon.com P: 0203 588 4562

Search & Performance

Search and performance is and has been a booming and fast growing industry and in 2015 it’s looking to be another huge year.  As the market is constantly evolving, the need for fresh new talent is moving at a good pace and is in high demand. This year we’ve already seen investment into online and digital throughout the market. We’re also seeing changes into how marketing is being done compared with the past, with both agency and in-house marketing teams, digital experts are moving into more focused and specialised roles within search and performance.

If you’re looking to hire or you’re looking for a new role email Rebecca rfuller@nakamalondon.com P: 0203 588 4563

Integrated Marketing

The experiential and events space tends to wind down a little over January and February due to the Christmas/New Year break, with things really picking back up from March right through to October. Big client pitches tend to be the driving force behind the busy season and the trend continues as the activations and projects are rolled out. Now we are in March, and I’m incredibly busy with a mix of junior and senior roles, ranging from Experiential, PR, Events and Integrated marketing! Now’s a great time to get in touch as I’ve had a lot of great roles come through with some great agencies and brands behind them.

If you’re looking to hire or you’re looking for a new role email Jamie jhalpin@nakamalondon.com or P: 0203 588 4564


Meet our new NAKAMA Singapore consultant Alvin

Name: Alvin Lim

Title: Senior Consultant – Programmatic & Search

Sector you recruit for: Advertising Technology

What are you known for professionally?

The digital “journey man” – Which is a great nickname to have, since we are in the business of helping people grow and progress in their careers. It is always comforting to know there is someone out there who understands what you do, and can help get you from where you are now, to where you want to be in future.

The people I have had the honor to work with throughout my career would describe me as an empathetic consultant with a strong focus on personal touch.

What do you have a knack for?

Piecing puzzles! I’m quick to grasp new ideas, make sense of it, and identify pockets of opportunities. Throw me a bunch of ideas and I can help align the stars for you!

Where can we find you when you’re not working?

The local coffee shop enjoying my daily joe!

What would be impossible for you to give up?


Any secret/special talents?

I’m a self proclaimed bed tester and coffee sommelier. No, REALLY.

If you’re a candidate looking for Search/Programmatic work in Singapore, or a client looking for help resourcing your team, Alvin Lim can be reached: +65 9450 1337 or  alim@nakamasingapore.com

Growth of SEO in Asia

Is 2015 the year for SEO to come into it’s own in Asia?

Over the last three years of recruiting within the Search function in HK I have seen huge growth in the demand for Paid Search specialist’s and not so much within SEO.  Why?  Because most businesses want instant results and immediate ROI, whereas SEO campaigns require more patience and generally require at least three months before beginning to see returns.

Investing in SEO has several benefits:

  1. The results are low cost (In comparison to PPC)
  2. Great way to increase traffic
  3. Brand credibility, people trust Google
  4. ROI  – SEO provides tractable quantifiable results
  5. Better usability

While SEO is still very much in its infancy in Asian companies, search-marketing strategies are adapting to more mobile platforms and technologies across Asia. I see 2015 as a huge year for the growth of SEO as there will be plenty of opportunities for companies throughout Asia to make credible gains.

In the month of January alone, I have seen an increase in demand for content focused SEO specialists for both digital agencies and e-commerce companies. But with Asia being a talent short market, where are the candidates going to come from?  In past I generally relied on bringing overseas talent to HK to fill SEO positions but with content and local languages being more and more important I am heavily relying on local talent being developed. Overseas candidates offer a wealth of knowledge and techniques from generally a more digitally advanced market and local talent offer their inside knowledge of the local market and of course language skills. But for businesses in Asia to have a successful SEO team I still feel they need a blend of overseas and local candidates.

If Asian companies can attract the right blend of SEO talent and get their strategy right, 2015 could be one of the most competitive years for SEO in Asia.

Adam Kennedy is our Nakama Hong Kong – Digital & SEO/SEM Consultant. 

If you’re a candidate looking for SEO work in Hong Kong, or a business looking to implement SEO strategies for your business in 2015, Adam can be reached at +852 34787248 or akennedy@nakamahongkong.com.